VIDEO: Walking On a Volcano – White Island NZ

VIDEO: Walking On a Volcano – White Island NZ

Update 9 December 2019: there has been an eruption on White Island with more than 5 people losing their lives. Among them Hayden, our lovely guide who showed us the island. RIP Hayden and condolences to Hayden’s family, friends and colleagues and all other people who lost their life.

Have you ever wanted to walk on an active volcano? White Island might be the place for you! If you don’t mind going to New Zealand 😉

A few weeks ago, my New Years Eve plans were messed up by the extreme cold in Canada. I was stuck in my Airbnb and couldn’t get to my location. Every year I try to do something different on the last day of the year.

In 2015 I found myself motorbiking the NZ South Island and in 2014 I had the weirdest, alcohol-less New Year’s Eve in the Maldives. This year it was clear that life doesn’t always the way you want it.

Luckily the year before was still fresh in my head, because I WALKED ON AN ACTIVE VOLCANO.

I spent the day on the volcano, in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. First I took the boat with White Island Tours out there, seeing lots of dolphins, and then I walked in the inner crater of White Island – while the steam was getting out!

I also tasted the volcano… don’t ask me why 🙂

Here’s the White Island video!

As you can see, it was a beautiful day out. For more information on the trip, read my detailed volcano blogpost HERE.

Have you walked on a volcano?

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