6 Reasons Why You Should Visit New Zealand in Spring

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit New Zealand in Spring

Spring has arrived in New Zealand! The days are getting longer, flowers start to bloom and lambs are bouncing around the fields.

Most tourists visit New Zealand in summer, which is December – January in the Southern Hemisphere. The temperatures are higher (which is nice), but you’ll have to deal with lots of people. Spring on the other hand is one of the best periods of the year to visit the country. So I wrote down a number of reasons why you should leave summer behind, and come a few months earlier to visit New Zealand in spring.

1. Less tourists

That Wanaka Tree sunrise, New Zealand
That Wanaka Tree at sunrise in spring

As I mentioned before, summer is New Zealand’s high season. Do you really want to fight for a spot at one of its famous locations? No! In spring you’ll get a chance to experience New Zealand as it really is: peaceful and quiet.

Last light of the day touching Piha Beach, New Zealand
Last light of the day touching Piha Beach.

New Zealand welcomes more than three million visitors each year, so believe me: it can be really busy sometimes. High season usually starts early December, so book your trip in spring, which is in October or November, and you’ll have a way nicer experience.

2. Taste new wines

Spring is the time of the year to taste new wines. New Zealand is home to many vineyards, and who doesn’t love wine? For me experiencing a country also means indulging yourself in the local cuisine.

The largest wine cave in New Zealand at Gibbston Valley
The largest wine cave in New Zealand at Gibbston Valley.

There are lots of wine regions in New Zealand, but Marlborough, Waipara, Central Otago and Hawke’s Bay are my favourite ones. Have a look here (link) if you want more information about the New Zealand wine regions. https://www.nzwine.com/en/our-regions

In November there is also the Food and Wine Festival in Hawkes Bay. Get ready for a belly full of yum food and delicious wines.

3. Little lambs

Even if you prefer to eat them, they still are adorable to see. In spring you will find little lambs all over New Zealand, and they are the cutest. Fields are filled with lambs, and it is a pleasure to see.

Cute lamb in New Zealand
Adorable little lamb chewing on some grass.

I actually used to eat lamb, but after seeing those little cuties jumping in the fields for a few years I stopped… My heart won from my appetite!

4. Cheaper accommodation

Romantic getaway at EcoScapes
Relaxing and romance at EcoScapes in Glenorchy.

Accommodation will be a bit cheaper, as the masses of tourists still has to arrive. On another note, it will also be easier to find accommodation, as in summer it can be hard to find a last-minute spot in popular places like Mount Cook Village and Queenstown.

Have a look what’s available!


5. Lupins are in bloom

New Zealand in spring equals lupins. And here’s a secret. Lupins are a pest in New Zealand. The beautiful purple and pink flowers are a non-native, invasive species and are taking over the habitat of New Zealand’s wildlife.

They look pretty, but don’t belong in New Zealand’s high-country landscape. Photographers love them though (I’m guilty too), and take lots of pictures with the lupins.

Let’s make a deal. When you visit New Zealand in spring, and you take a picture of the lupins, pull a few out! Roots included, otherwise they’re not gone. This way you get your shot, but you’re also helping the country.

6. There is still snow

Snow on the mountains! Do I need to say more? The country is transforming from winter into summer, meaning you’ll still have some snow around. And we all know, mountains look way more impressive under a layer of snow. In summer most of the snow on the mountains will have disappeared.

New Zealand in spring, with great views from Isthmus Peak in Wanaka, New Zealand
Nice weather and still snow on the mountains – perfect combination!

And if you like skiing, you might be lucky. Sometimes there is a big dump of snow in spring, and the ski fields stay open until end September.

Average spring temperatures range from 16 to 19 degrees Celsius, but there are also plenty of warmer (and colder) days. Weather in New Zealand can change unexpectedly, so always bring enough layers of clothes with you.

New Zealand in spring
Iconic Mount Taranaki, with only 1 other photographer that night.

And, tempted to go? Believe me, you won’t be disappointed visiting New Zealand in spring. I went for a two-month holiday to New Zealand and ended up staying 3,5years. So be careful 😉

If you like some inspiration on what to visit during your trip, check out these beautiful places:

New Zealand From Above: Mount Cook

A Weekend in Franz Josef

Hike Roys Peak, Wanaka


6 Reasons To Visit NZ in Spring

Which season do you prefer? Would you like to visit New Zealand in spring or are you more a summer person? Let me know!


10 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why You Should Visit New Zealand in Spring

  1. I do love New Zealand in Spring for the snow capped mountains, lambs, blossom and beautiful flowers! The lack of tourists during the shoulder season and cheaper accommodation is great too – the downside is the weather is damn inconsistent so it goes from beautifully sunny to blowing a gale/ rain for days/ suddenly cold!

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment! I agree that the weather can be a bit inconsistent, but that’s New Zealand 🙂 I always keep an eye on the weather forecast and decide where to go a few days in advance – those spots where the weather is nice! Usually when it’s bad weather at the east coast, it’s good at the west coast.

    1. So cool you’re visiting New Zealand next year! Autumn is beautiful too, you will love it. Try and check out the Central Otago region (Arrowtown etc) for beautiful fall colours.

    1. Hi Amy, thanks for your comment! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed when visiting New Zealand. It’s an incredible country. I hope you make it there! Happy travels xx

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