Good old Belgium

Good old Belgium

So yes, I am back in Belgium… It’s been almost two weeks now. And it feels weird!

My first days were amazing, seeing my family and friends again. A nice brunch at my brothers place with my brand new nephew, a big BBQ the day after with the rest of my family, drinks and food with my girls, a bachelor party for one of my girlfriends that’s getting married, and so on. Moments of happiness!



IMG_1472But, there’s always that but. I can’t put my finger on it, but it feels weird to be back. First of all it doesn’t feel like I’ve been gone for ten months. Which feels strange, because SO much has happened in my world and for everyone here their daily life just went on.

The first day I arrived in Belgium, I realized how crowded Belgium is, how many houses there are in such a small place and how there is a lack of impressive nature. I think I got a bit used to New Zealand 🙂 I guess the rain and the traffic jams are not helping me to adjust either.

IMG_1497 But I don’t want to complain! I’m a happy person. And other plans are being made – more about those later! I look back on my travels with such happy memories. I am so thankful for all the good times I had, the beautiful people I’ve met, the adventures and the nature that amazed me.

If people ask me if I changed, I say I hope I did. I met so many good and generous people, that would do so much for their friends and people they just met, like me. I find that remarkable and actually the only way to treat others. When I arrived the 1st time in Sydney for example, I could stay at a friend of a friends place for a whole week(which is a luxury in Sydney), while he was at his parents for Christmas. I had never met him, we just sent some emails. He left me an amazing room, with towels, soap and an instruction letter.

Believe me, if you’re living from your backpack, camping, always on the road, and suddenly someone takes care of you, that is a wonderful feeling. You appreciate it so much more. Other people also opened their doors last minute because I didn’t have a place to sleep. Everyone is so very chill and has zero stress of strangers in their house. I consider myself as a good person, but meeting all of them I felt like I still had a lot to learn. It maybe sounds stupid, but I will try to be a better person 🙂


I guess I also grew as a person. There are moments where you just have yourself and you feel a bit lonely. Those moments you get to know yourself better. I’m sure it only made me stronger and appreciate what I have in Belgium. And most important: those moments don’t outweigh the great times I had.

Conclusion: I am truly happy and proud that I made that last minute decision of traveling for almost a year. If you’re in doubt, just do it! You won’t regret it. Or if you want to have a talk about it or some more information, just contact me!


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