Hello again, Sydney!

Hello again, Sydney!

So I am back in Sydney. I think it is the third time I’m in this city. I don’t know what it is, but I quite like it here. The nice bars, the weather, the people I met. Probably a mix of that. But now it’s for real. Thursday I fly out of Australia, back to Belgium. Aaaah, weird!

Anyways. The last couple of weeks I worked my way down the east coast. It was pretty, but I’m not as big a fan as for example the west coast, the south or New Zealand. Yes – after traveling for a while I have the right to become picky. The east coast is really touristy and covered with young travelers that just want to party and get drunk. I guess I am getting old. I did see some nice stuff. I went snorkeling and diving -with my diving license from Thailand- in the Great Barrier Reef. Saw really cool coral, a lot of fish and a turtle.


I also went sailing and snorkeling in the Whitsundays. There I saw the biggest fish I’ve ever seen – and I touched it! I don’t have an underwater camera, but it was this fish. He is pretty famous in that bay. Meet George:

Maori-Wrasse whitsundays IMG_0770 IMG_0730

A bit more south I went to a couple of nice beaches. And in Brisbane I went to some bars, had some coffees AND went rock climbing at Kangaroo Point! Huge rocks IN the city, next to the river. So cool. I found some climbers on Couchsurfing and I could just tag along!


sunset in brisbane IMG_1011

Byron Bay IMG_1096

And now my last last last days of my travels I’m just hanging around in Sydney. Enjoying the food, the markets, the bars and the people! Life is good!



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