On the road again

I’m taking off again.. After a month of ‘Belgiumness’ it is time for my new adventure.

Tomorrow I fly to France, to start a trip with my boyfriend and his motorbike. I didn’t share this on the blog before, but that (French) guy is one of the many beautiful things New Zealand was hiding – one I discovered. I will save you all the cheesy details.

Our plan is just the way I like it – without any. We kick off our journey with a wedding of friends in the south of France and then drive slowly to the Dolomites in Italy – where we’ll meet a bunch of people from New Zealand. In between some hiking and climbing. And then we don’t know. Drive a bit over the hills in Italy, have good food, wine and scenery. The month November is still a blank page. We will be camping, so a bit of warmth is welcome! If anyone has any ideas, shoot!

And last but not least, in december I will go to India, because one of my girlfriends is getting married in Calcutta. It looks like I keep on traveling.. But admit, a wedding in India? You can’t skip that!

A lot of exciting times on the road ahead!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRKNw477onU&w=540&h=350]

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