VIDEO: Kiwis for Kiwi

VIDEO: Kiwis for Kiwi

A month ago I followed the Department of Conservation for an entire day in Franz Josef, a small village at the West Coast of New Zealand.

At 7am the team was up and about to check the health of 50 kiwi. Making sure they were strong and hydrated enough for their big release in the wild. After being monitored and raised safely on a crèche-island, without predators, they’re finally big enough to go back to their natural habitat.

It was an amazing day. Meeting those lovely birds for the very first time and following the professional DOC-team was a pleasure, as you can read in my previous Kiwi-post.

Kiwi can’t fly and are the icon of New Zealand. They’re also threatened with extinction. Luckily the Department of Conservation, Kiwis for kiwi and over 90 community-led kiwi conservation groups work together to fight for kiwi. I’m contributing a tiny bit by spreading the word and love in an article and video.


Kiwis for Kiwi, an inspirational story!

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