That Wanaka Tree… I surrendered!

That Wanaka Tree

Yes this is an article about a tree, I’m not kidding. But before you judge me, know that it is a special tree. I’ve resisted it for about a year, but I finally gave in..

When discovering new countries I try to not go for the most popular attractions, I prefer to find those cute little gems. But wait until you’re in New Zealand, you’ll hear all about THAT Wanaka Tree. The super-over-popular and most photographed tree in New Zealand, because it is in a lake, surrounded by mountains. Boo-hoo. I had forbidden myself to follow the herd of tourists. But I caved… and I have to admit that it is pretty photogenic…

That Wanaka Tree
That’s one very popular tree

I woke up one Saturday morning before sunrise, ready to capture the tree of New Zealand. Turned out I wasn’t the only one with that idea. There were 3 other photographers present and by the time I left we were with 6. One of them was an American guy on assignment. The main photo he had to capture in New Zealand was that tree. Since four days he had been waiting for the perfect shot, every sunrise and sunset. I guess this shows how damn popular this tree is.

It’s quite clear now that I am weak, but I’m also kind of happy with the result. It is really photogenic, right?

What do you think? Would you go and take a photo of that tree?

(For other interested people, when you’re facing Wanaka town with your back, the tree will be on your left side. About a 5 min walk from the centre. There is also a car park near the tree.)

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