17 reasons why you should visit India

17 reasons why you should visit India

India has never been on top of my must-do-list. But after visiting it, I can only shout: go there!! It appears that you or adore the country or you just hate it. I’m in the first category, but I have to admit there were days I loved and hated it at the same time. India surprised me with its many different sides, of whom I didn’t know they existed. So here 17 reasons why you should visit India.

1. To be amazed by the endless green tea plantations
Tea plantations India

2. You befriend monkeys
nature india monkeys

3. and oh yeah, elephants
Elephant nature India

4. To find the most photogenic people on the flower market in Calcutta
India man flower market

5. To finally get your hands covered with Henna
Hands full with Henna

6. To feel like in a Wes Anderson movie on the Darjeeling MailDarjeeling mail train sleeping

7. To travel on an old school Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield Monkey

8. To feel really really popular
India group photo

9. To admire the mountains
Sunrise on mountain India

10. and lakes
lake India

11. and ride lost roads
Motorbiking in nature India

12. To meet other cultures
buddhist school Kurseong

13. and participate in those cultures

Indian wedding sari

14. To realise traffic at home isn’t that bad at all
traffic in India

15. To see more colours than you’ve ever seen
Colors India

16. To cruise on a houseboat with a pool
pool on houseboat India

17. and wake up to dreamy sunrises
sunrise from boat India

and of course the FOOD! So there’s only one thing left to do: book those plane tickets and go!

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