VIDEO: New Zealand’s best hut

VIDEO: New Zealand’s best hut

One of my favourite huts and views in New Zealand is the one from Plateau Hut, in Mount Cook National Park. The snow; the mountains, the glacier and the Hochstetter Icefall and the view on Mount Cook will take your breath away. You really get spoiled!!

It isn’t easy to get there, you do a challenging hike for 13hours, or you take a helicopter. My friends and I chose the last option. It feels a bit like cheating when you arrive at a hut with no drop of sweat, but the beautiful surrounding made my guilt ooze away quite quick!

We had a weekend of photography, eating and drinking and enjoying the scenery. It is still a dangerous place with heaps of avalanches and crevasses, so be prepared when you go up there.

My photos and story of the weekend is all here:


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