Road trip on the Great Ocean Road!

Road trip on the Great Ocean Road!

Three years ago I drove on the world-famous Australian Great Ocean Road in an old yellow van. I had started my year travel around the world just a few months earlier. Little did I know it would turn out to be much longer.

A few weeks ago I returned to that beautiful road along the Australian coast. This time with the boyfriend, a rental van and lots of camera gear. I was ready for my road trip on the Great Ocean Road and to see it with a different eye (and with my camera ready to capture it).

The Great Ocean Road is a beautiful road along the south coast of Victoria. It officially runs from Torquay and to Allansford, which is also the route we did. It is 243km long with lots of epic stops.

We spent three days in the area and were able to visit a lot. I was happily surprised that it wasn’t too crowded yet. It was the start of the season, the masses of tourists apparently still had to arrive and the weather was already nice. Win – win! It also helps of course that we mostly visit those places during sunrise and sunset.

Now, which spots should you visit on that 243km stretch while you’re there? It is quite a list as there is a lot to see!

12 Apostles

Twelve apostles great ocean road

Lets get the most famous one out of the way first: The 12 Apostles. There are actually only eight left, the rest crumbled down due to erosion. The ninth one collapsed in 2005.

Three years ago I visited the Apostles for the first time. I have to admit that it was not pleasant. Tourists were pushing each other to get the best spot to take a picture – or a selfie. Going back to the 12 Apostles now I had no expectations. I wasn’t really eager to see them again, as in my eyes it was just one big tourist attraction. But am I happy that I went…

12 apostles

We arrived just before sunset and there weren’t a lot of people. My second time at the 12 Apostles I could finally enjoy the spot, and it’s very beautiful. The rocks are limestone stacks and vulnerable to the blasting winds and crashing waves. Don’t wait too long to visit, as they might go from eight to seven any time.

Secret location?

great ocean road spot

Yes, I’m jumping from the most famous location to a secret spot. We bumped into this place while exploring the area. It doesn’t have an official name (or I haven’t heard it yet) and it was SO cool. There were two long cliffs running into the ocean. You could stand on one cliff and take a picture of a person on the other side. We spent one sunset here – and were running around like headless chickens, because it was so pretty and we wanted to capture it all.

great ocean road spot

This is one huge advice I can give you: explore! Don’t follow the masses, but go your on way (after you’ve visited the main attractions of course, because they are pretty too). Drive into some gravel roads and see what is at the end, walk along the beach further than the last tourist and see what caves or views you might find. You’ll be surprised!

Kennett River

koala great ocean road

I am still a girl and yes I love fuzzy cute koalas. They are very easy to spot and photograph in Kennet River. They’re just sitting in the trees at the car park and they are adooorable! Victoria is a good place to spot koalas, having the largest koala population in Australia.

king parrot great ocean road

Grab a coffee, enjoy the weather, the koalas and… get annoyed by the King parrots around you. To be honest I wasn’t really annoyed, although they wanted to steal my muffin. The birds are beautiful, but have no boundaries and sit on your head, shoulders and muffin.

Loch Ard Gorge

loch ard gorge

I still remembered this place vividly from three years ago. It is a small hidden beach in between cliffs and only 3,5km from the 12 apostles. The sea is quite rough and history tells that Loch Ard Gorge was a place where many ships wrecked. Now it is a beautiful beach split in two by a big cliff. A staircase allows you to go down to the beach, jump in the water and explore some caves.

The Razorback

razorback great ocean road

The Razorback is this huge Limestone rock formation that you can visit when going to Loch Ard Gorge. They are only a 5 minute walk apart. It is massive – as almost everything along that coast, but what I especially liked is that it looked calm and precious at the same time.

The Grotto

the grotto great ocean roadThe Grotto is actually a sinkhole. Take a few steps down on a staircase and it will appear below you. Pretty cool view and easy accessible!

London Bridge

london bridge great ocean road

You want more? There is also Muttonbird Island, the Gibson Steps, the Arch, waterfalls inland and all the unexplored secret spots! Walk around where the mainstream of people don’t go and be amazed!

I hope this list helps you to plan a trip to the Great Ocean Road, or at least to get you excited and make you want to go! More information about the road you find here:

Have You Visited the Great Ocean Road? Let me know in the comments any tips you have or what you most want to see?


3 thoughts on “Road trip on the Great Ocean Road!

  1. Hi Lieselot! I LOVE this post! My partner and I are planning a Great Ocean Road Trip to happen in a few weeks time. I was really hoping to find a post that had recommendations for photogenic spots on the GOR and this one was it! Your photos are incredible, I’m in love. Consider me a fan. (And a new blog follower) 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! The Great Ocean Road is a beautiful place to be. Try and visit those places at sunrise or sunset, ’cause there will be less people around – and better photo conditions (but I’m sure you know that, as a fellow photography lover 🙂 ) Have fun!!

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