Skippers Canyon Adventures

Skippers Canyon Adventures

I feel like sharing a secret today. I’m a wimp. Some of you might already know this, some of you might not. I travel to a lot of countries, do crazy stuff like the Yosemite Swing; flying in a tiny plane; the Nevis Swing etc, but all of that with a TINY heart. Adventures with me happen with a lot of screams, nervous giggles and now and then some swear words…

That was also the case when I visited Skippers Canyon in Queenstown. It’s an impressive canyon with a small gravel road. My heart already missed a few beats when driving so close to the edge of the road, and I was just the passenger. Luckily, ’cause I don’t think driving with your eyes closed would work.

Skippers Canyon also offers many photo opportunities, there are rocks sticking out everywhere in the weirdest and coolest shapes, as this one on the video below. Of course someone had to climb on that little peak. And that someone was me…

I was extra careful and tried to not look down, but was already imagining myself falling meters down in the valley (another secret: I have a wild imagination). Once on top I allowed myself to really soak in the view and it was mind blowing. I love that my tiny heart doesn’t stop me from doing stuff, but it does sometimes annoy me 🙂 To give you an idea: the way down was half on my butt and screaming to myself: “I’m such a puuuusssyy”.



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