VIDEO: Discover Christchurch

VIDEO: Discover Christchurch

Update 2018: Unfortunately the container mall doesn’t exist anymore. The mall was only temporary and is being replaced by new buildings now. 

In 2011 almost 80% of the Christchurch’s city center was damaged after an earthquake. Most of it got demolished – which left Christchurch empty and a little bit dead. Five years later there are still many empty spaces (turned into car parks) and abandoned buildings in town, which doesn’t always make the city look very attractive in tourists’ eyes.

But Christchurch has taken this rebuild as an opportunity to make the city even better than it was before. So many cool and quirky places are popping up and there really is quite a lot to do in Christchurch.

I went on a little mission to show you some of the good spots! If you want a longer list, have a look here: No, Christchurch is not dead.



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