VIDEO: Bouldering in Castle Hill

VIDEO: Bouldering in Castle Hill

New Zealand is a land with many outdoor possibilities. Mountain biking, skiing, climbing, surfing, hiking, rafting, diving and so much more. When you’re visiting this country, there will always be something you like. And even if you’re not into outdoor activities, the nature is still pretty mind blowing. I call it the perfect destination! One of the outdoor things I like is bouldering.

 It is a certain way of climbing, without rope or harness. My first time trying this I got some bruises and hit my head as you can read in a previous post. That’s now about a year and a half ago.

A couple of months ago my friends and I decided to go again to go Bouldering in Castle Hill (and the nearby Flock Hill). It is only a 1,5h drive away from Christchurch and the scenery is so different and stunning. I love that about New Zealand, you drive a couple of hours and you find yourself in totally different surroundings.

This time I took my camera and had some fun filming. I hope this video shows you why it is such an awesome spot!



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