No pain, no gain! Bouldering in New Zealand.

No pain, no gain! Bouldering in New Zealand.

Have you ever been bouldering? A year and a half ago I had never done it, I had never even heard of it. Bouldering? I didn’t have a single clue what that word meant. Sorry for all the climbing fans out there – I know I sound like a retard.

About a year and a half ago I got (happily) dragged along by my couch surfer hosts in Christchurch. We jumped in the car, drove 1,5 hours and arrived in Flock Hill.

bouldering New Zealand

We decided not to go to the more touristy spot Castle Hill, but chose for Flock Hill. It is around the corner of Castle Hill, as beautiful (maybe even better) and way less people. We walked a bit uphill and all these rocks (boulders) appeared. Bouldering is basically climbing on rocks. No ropes. No harnesses. You don’t climb high, but it is very technical, all about trying to find the good holds and grips. It sounds easy and maybe ridiculous, but it is awesome and way more difficult than you would think!

Bouldering in New Zealand
Me hanging and trying – ©Nico Babot
Bouldering in NZ
So, that’s how it’s done! – ©Nico Babot

And because it is New Zealand, the views are just amazing. So there I was, trying to find a route up some rocks, trying not to make a fool out of myself. My first time bouldering I managed to hit my head and scratch my legs, but at least I was committed!

bouldering New Zealand
Not bad, right?
bouldering in New Zealand
Relaxing in the sun is necessary too!

Since then I’ve bouldered a bit more (this doesn’t mean I’m good at it), also at Castle Hill. Even at night. But that time we had a beer or two (or three), so I ended up more posing than actually bouldering.

Bouldering in New Zealand
Giving everything for my pose..  ©Nico Babot

And is it just me or are there figures in the rocks? I have a huge imagination, so it could just be me…

Bouldering in New Zealand
Bouldering in New Zealand

Castle Hill and Flock Hill are the perfect day out. Take some beers, music, food and have fun!

Ps: On the way back stop at cave stream, where you follow an icecold river through a cave! Check out the route here: DOC NZ. Pretttty damn cool.

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