New Zealand Trip: 14 years later

I’ve always wanted to go on a New Zealand trip, that far far away country on the other side of the planet. My love – or curiosity – for the island began in my first year in high school. Thanks to Mister Claes, the geography teacher.

Me and my peers were ready for another boring class when Mr. Claes suddenly starts showing pictures and telling about his holiday. I saw a lot of green, a lot of mountains, incredible coastlines and so on. As a little girl of 12 I was astonished by the pictures and my teacher’s rich words. From that moment on I knew that one day I would go discover that country.

And here I am in New Zealand, 14 years later.

New Zealand Trip

My departure didn’t go very smooth though. I was supposed to be flying in yesterday. Fully packed I arrived – early as a good traveller – at Sydney Airport. At the check in it appeared that I’m wasn’t on the list.. Apparently my online booking company had made a mistake, and because of the time difference I couldn’t get a hold of them.

So, I had two options: buy a new ticket on the spot or stay an extra night in Sydney and try to get in touch with the company so they can fix it. After 1000 thoughts and a welcoming phone call with a friend I decided to stay an extra night in Sydney. In the end a good decision, because a new flight was 398 dollars, and the online company found a solution that night.

You can imagine how happy I am to in Auckland now, right? I am so ready for my New Zealand trip. These next two days I am meeting people to go on a road trip! I can’t wait to travel for two months and explore New Zealand to the fullest!

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