Ready for a dose of adventure?

Ready for a dose of adventure?

I am! Spring has arrived, which means the temperatures are getting warmer, the sun is out and the pollen is floating in the air. I’m actually writing this with my first hay fever experience ever, I can tell you it isn’t pleasant.

It has been a bit quiet on the blog lately because of a few reasons: I was working hard on a new design (I hope you like it!) and my car broke down. Our hearts broke a bit when saying goodbye to that beautiful old van. It was also weird to be a few weekends stuck in Christchurch, but now we’re back on the road! Our beloved van would turn in her wreck grave knowing we found a new car after three days…

I’m so ready for my dose of adventure. And man do I have some adventures planned.

In less than a month I will jump on a plane to Australia to discover Victoria State. I’ve been before to Melbourne – which I adore – but now I will be discovering the area around it. On the programme so far is the Great Ocean Road, where I’ve already been but without a good camera and then I’ll be checking out some national parks and coastline. If you have any recommendations, let me know! Anything that is pretty, impressive and mind blowing sounds good! No pressure 😉

But first: plateau hut! This is a magical hut in Mount Cook National Park. Tomorrow a helicopter is dropping my talented friends and me off at the hut, 2200 meters high.

We’ll spend two days taking pictures, filming, climbing up a peak, chasing the stars (and hopefully the aurora) and of course… drink beers at sunset. High up in the mountains sounds like a perfect location for this.

Yes…there is more. At the end of the year the boyfriend and I will travel around the North Island. It’s already a luxury that I can explore the South Island every weekend (if the car doesn’t decide to die), but now we’ll be able to explore the North Island. And man, am I excited! We already planned one activity including a boat and… an active volcano!

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