My 2015 highlights in photos!

My 2015 highlights in photos!

Wow, has your 2015 flown by as fast as mine? For me it was a year full excitement, changes, challenges and happiness.

It was the year where I left Belgium to really move abroad (and not just travel). It was also the year where I had to fight a bit to stay in New Zealand and it was the year where I won that fight! Woop woop!

2015 started off in the Maldives, what feels like a lifetime ago. In February I made the leap and moved to New Zealand. From then on my outdoor activities were going through the roof (yippie) and my visa battle began. But that tiny bit of stress didn’t keep me sad or inside.  Looking back at my photos, I realise how much I’ve done. Have a look yourself!

1. Maldives – January 2015

Kicking off the New Year is one I’ll never forget. Especially because all alcohol was forbidden on the local island I was staying. Virgin Mojitos and non-alcoholic bubbles it was. But the Maldives was also a lot sun, diving and swimming.

maldives boat
Enjoying the boat life

2. Canyoning Woolshed Creek – February 2015

My year in New Zealand begins! Let’s discover every inch of this gorgeous country! That means not only the mountains, but also the rivers and creeks. Best way of doing that? Canyoning!

canyoning New Zealand
My friend Daniel abseiling like a king

3. Mueller Hut – May 2015

When I went for the first time to New Zealand, early 2014, I didn’t find the time to hike up to Mueller Hut. Until this year my boyfriend (who has been living here for about 6 years) told me I definitely had to do that walk. After sweating for a couple of hours I totally understood why. Tip: do this in winter, much more fun with the snow.

hiking in mountains
Great views while hiking up to Mueller Hut

4. Roy Peak Wanaka – June 2015

From one mountain to another. Roy Peak in Wanaka is definitely the hike to do over there. Easy track up up up and best views on the lake and mountains. Don’t you think so?

roys peak wanaka

5. Castle Hill Peak – July 2015 

I was so cold that day, but looking back at it, it was pretty amazing. Crampons on, ice axes in our hands and a couple of hours climbing in the snow. Castle Hill peak is also way more fun in the snow! Try to do this in winter.

Castle Hill Peak NZ climbers
Snow and wind won’t keep us down – © Nico Babot

6. Redwood Forest Rotorua – August 2015

Not only the mountains and lakes are beautiful in New Zealand. The bush and forests are impressive too. You feel so tiny among all those huge trees! Here I am checking out Redwood Forest in Rotorua, great spot for getting some fresh air.

Redwood Forest NZ girl
Getting lost in the Redwood Forest

7. That Wanaka tree – October 2015

2015 was also the year I surrendered to that Wanaka tree ‎It is by far the most photographed tree in New Zealand. I thought I could be strong and not follow the herd of people, but I gave in… And too be honest… I’m quite happy with the result.

That Wanaka Tree

8. Kiwi release Franz Josef – October 2015

With my blog I try to find topics that really interest me. This year I got in touch with Kiwis for Kiwi, an organisation to protect and help the flightless (and threatened) kiwi bird. I was invited to join them for the biggest kiwi release so far, an unforgettable experience! I took my camera and made a video of that day. Check it out here!

kiwi release NZ
I still can’t believe I released a kiwi

9. Taranaki – November 2015

This year I also found some time to explore the North Island a bit more (and I mean not just Auckland). I travelled to New Plymouth, with its impressive Mount Taranaki. You have to be lucky with the weather to see the volcano in all its glory. I also made a video of the walk I did, a walk that gives you the best views on the mountain! Check it out here!

Mount Taranaki photography
The wind calms down, time to take photos!

10. A motorbike Christmas in NZ – December 2015

My first Christmas in New Zealand was one to never forget. My family came out to visit me for the very first time, and what is better than planning a motorbike trip to make it interesting! I on the back of my boyfriends Royal Enfield and my mom on the back with her partner on a rented Yamaha. Good times, a lot of food and drinks and amazing weather!

Motorbike trip NZ
Motorbiking in Wanaka

I am curious to see what the next year is going to bring!! 

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